What is Flash?

This section of the Web site uses Macromedia Flash. It is a plug-in you can download onto your computer that allows you to see the enhanced multimedia Virtual Home Tour. This is fun to look at with pop-up screens and sounds, but the download time for the pages may take a little longer.

If you already have the Flash plug-in, you will see an animation below. If you see the animation and want to experience the multimedia site, just click on the green "go" button below.


Flash Animation

Go to the Virtual Home Tour

Get FlashIf you don't have the Flash plug-in, but want to try it out, you can download Flash at Macromedia. Bookmark this site first, because you may have to close your browser to install Flash. Then click the button to the right to go to Macromedia and get the plug-in. It's a simple process that should take you about five minutes.

If you would like detailed Flash installation instructions, click here.