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Getting Organized

Organizing Your Tie Rack

Okay guys - admit it. Your tie rack is a mess. Take these simple steps to straighten it all out.

  • Get two plastic bags - one for Discard and one for Donate.
  • Lay all your ties out on the bed or floor.
  • Discard ALL that are stained, torn or discolored.
  • Donate ALL that:
  • - Don't match any of your clothing
    - Are really out of style for good
    - You haven't worn in a year
    - Who knows? When you get through, you might be glad to get a tie for your next gift!

Organizing Your Jewelry Box

You keep wearing the same accessories over and over because your jewelry box is such a mess. With a little organization, you'll enjoy what you have a lot more. Take these simple step:

  • Get three plastic bags - one for Discard, one for Donate and one for Repair.
  • Untangle everything and group like objects together.
  • Discard ALL the pieces that are broken beyond repair.
  • Discard ALL single earrings.
  • Put the pieces that you always wear in one spot.
  • Put all the valuable or sentimental pieces in one spot.
  • Be very critical of what is left. Donate what you know you'll never wear.

There are lots of places to donate jewelry. Maybe one of your friends would like to have a look, or your kids. And just think - if you empty some of that space, you'll have room for something new!

Organizing Photographs

  • Love those photos of all the family but just have too many lying around? Here's some tips for enjoying them more.
  • Buy acid-free archival binders for your photos and have a few empty ones around all the time.
  • Put photos into binders immediately. Once they get in a drawer, they most likely won't come out again.
  • Make little notes about the occasion and the people for reminders in years to come. It makes for a much more interesting book when there's a story behind the picture.
  • Add making scrapbooks to the things you do with your kids on a rainy day. You'll all be laughing till the sun comes out again.
  • Buy photo books and fill them up for friends and relatives at gift time. With little added notes, it's a personal gift everyone will love.


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