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Carpet Beetle (approx. 1/8" long) The varied, common, and black carpet beetles all damage woolen rugs, woolen clothing, furs and skins, as well as a variety of stored food products. These pests avoid open places and often damage rugs under heavy furniture and along wall moldings. Larvae are small, short, hairy and wormlike. Black carpet beetle larvae are reddish-brown in color and have a tuft of long hair extending from their tails. Carpet beetles can be found throughout a house; therefore, they can be difficult to control. Proper storage and regular cleaning of woolen, silk and natural fiber clothing in helpful in preventing damage to these valuable items.

Flour Beetle (1/8" - 3/16" long) These reddish brown flour beetles feed on stored food products such as flour, meal, prepared mixes, breakfast foods, nuts, dog food, bird seed, and spices. They contaminate as well as destroy millions of dollars of food each year. Control is achieved by identifying and throwing out infested goods. Food items such as flour, pastas, cereals, and pet food should be in glass or plastic containers soon after purchasing.

Powder Post Beetles (1/8" - 1/4" long) Powder post beetles, reddish brown or black in color, damage a wide variety of seasoned or finished wood products such as flooring, furniture and structural wood. They enter the house by flying in or by being brought in with wood products. Piles of fine dust, as well as small holes in the wood often indicate their presence. Since there are many species of wood boring beetles, an expert is needed for accurate identification and control. Control is most effectively achieved through replacement of damaged wood or structural foundation. Consult your Terminix professional for assistance.

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