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Burglary Prevention Tips

Keep your home from being an easy target

Protect your home by discouraging intruders from making it their next target. Burglars are less likely to victimize a house that looks occupied or protected by a security system.

When you're on vacation or away from home

  • Put lights, stereo or TV on a timer to give the appearance that someone is home.
  • Secure sliding glass doors with pins to prevent both horizontal and vertical movement.
  • Don't stop your mail or newspaper deliveries; it signals you're away. Instead, have a neighbor pick up your deliveries.
  • Ask a neighbor to park their car in your driveway to give your home the appearance that someone is there.

Keep yourself safe at home

  • Lock doors and windows when you're home alone. Forty percent of home invasions occur because a door or window was left unlocked.
  • Look through your peephole viewer to see who's there before opening the door.
  • Always request identification from salespeople or repairmen before you let them in your home.
  • List only your first initial and last name in the phone book.
  • Fix broken locks or windows and install deadbolts on doors leading outside.
  • Replace all locks immediately after moving into a new home

Keep your valuables safe

  • Store high-value items such as jewelry, furs and firearms in a small closet with a solid core door, a non-removable hinge and a deadbolt lock.
  • Keep important papers, valuable jewelry and large amounts of cash in a safe deposit box.
  • Engrave your valuables with your driver's license or social security number.
  • Keep gift-wrapped packages hidden from outside view.
  • When you purchase new electronic equipment, do not "advertise it". Break down cartons before discarding.

Information provided by:
SecurityLink by Ameritec

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