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Solving Window Shade Problems

Replacing Rollers and Shades

  • If the old roller and shade fit well, measure the width of the old roller, unroll the shade completely and measure the length.
  • An alternate method is to measure the window opening. For mounting inside the frame, measure the distance between the brackets on the side jambs to determine the roller width. Measure from the top jamb to the stool and add 8 inches to determine the shade length.
  • For mounting outside the frame, measure the distance between the brackets for the roller width. Then measure from the middle of the top casing to the stool and add 8 inches for the shade length.
  • To cut a replacement roller to size, remove the cloth and remove the barrel and stationary pin. Make the cut with a saw (be careful not to cut off the spring.) Replace the barrel and pin in the exact center of the end of the roller.
  • To cut a shade to size, unroll it completely. Square the corners and measure the shade's new width at several points. Mark it with a straight edge. Cut the shade to size with a pair of scissors. Shorten the bottom slat as needed and drill a new hole for the pull cord. Align the top edge of the shade with the roller guideline and staple it in place.

Shade Winds Up Too Quickly

  • Problem is tight spring tension.
  • To remedy, roll up shade, remove roller from bracket and partially unroll shade.
  • Replace roller and test. If not fixed, try again or replace

Shade Winds Up Too Slowly

  • Problem is loose spring tension.
  • To remedy, pull shade down about 24 inches letting ratchet tooth catch.
  • Remove roller from brackets and reroll shade about 6 or 8 inches.
  • Replace roller and test. If not fixed, try again or replace

Shade Binds

  • Problem is brackets are too close together.
  • Remedy by hammering brackets out, bending them out or repositioning them.
  • If shade is mounted inside window frame, trim stationary pin with a hacksaw or heavy-duty cutting pliers.

Shade Wobbles

  • Problem is bent stationary pin.
  • Remedy by straightening pin with pliers or replacing pin.

Shade Falls From Its Brackets

  • Problem is brackets that are too far apart.
  • Remedy by moving brackets in slightly.
  • If shade is mounted inside window frame, shim out one or both of the brackets.

Shade Doesn't Catch

  • Problem is pawl not catching.
  • Remedy by brushing dirt off pawl and ratchet tooth and lubricating with graphite.


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